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JulieSkyhigh Hopping adventures

JulieSkyhigh Hopping adventures
JulieSkyhigh Hopping adventures - Afbeelding1JulieSkyhigh Hopping adventures - Afbeelding2
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JulieSkyhigh Hopping adventures of a kleptomaniac nymphomaniac

jul-sup-jo-3.00_39_33_20.Still010What to do on a sunny thursday? I’m bored to death and horny as hell! I want be fucked in all holes, long, hard and drinking a lot of cum! So dressed in my most sexy hooker clothes I will hit the road for some pervers action! There will be horny men urging to take a sexy girl in ultra short jeans skirt and 18 cm high black Louboutin platform boots right in the ass!

But it’s quit in town, nothing going at all. Wait, this Sparma Supermarket is open, let’s go inside for some Julie Skyhigh shopping fun! Not much folk in here, a few male costumers and the shopmanager, he looks like a pervert! So I have to get his attention, but how? Just walking slowly between the shelves bending and give him a good look at my perfect ass! Will the manager bite? I can feel his horny eyes staring at me. Wait, I know how to get his attention I will steal some sweets! Did he see? Another one…

Footsteps behind me! “Got you! You slutty cocksucking shoplifster! What shall I do with you? I call the police. They put you in jail for at least a month!”, he shouted. Ooooh, nooooo, please don’t call the police! I will do anything you want! But don’t call the cops!

Anything? The shopmanager had a idea; “This is a job for Mr. Cumbiz, he and his friends will give this dirty kleptomaniac slut what she deserves: a Bukkake and Gangbang she will never forget!  Buy the Julieskyhigh movie Now at http://cumbiz.starduzt.nl


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